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I've been designing and making jewelry since 1996, and one of the consistent themes throughout the years has been rocks and gemstones. A large percentage of my jewelry is made with stones, which is why the name "StoneWing" still resonates with me and represents what I love about making jewelry. 

As a young girl growing up in Minnesota, I hunted agates anywhere rocks could be found - like suburban driveways and country roads. Now my vacations are spent in places like Montana and South Dakota searching the back roads and river beds for interesting rocks and minerals. I still take shorter trips to northern Minnesota where Lake Superior Agates can be found, and yes, I do still fill my pockets with pretty rocks wherever I go. 

You'll find a large variety of styles and designs in my shop. I like learning new skills, trying new techniques and using unique materials. I also love having a variety of beads, gemstones and artisan components. Part of design is experimenting with combinations of stones and shapes. I hope that when a piece comes together and feels right, someone else will love it, too.

I've always believed if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. Mom taught me that. I care about crafting quality jewelry. My style may be eclectic, but at the core you'll find quality materials and impeccable workmanship. My pieces might cost a little more than the competition, but in five or ten years, they will still be the pieces you love to wear. 

All of my jewelry is handcrafted by me in my White Bear Lake, MN studio.

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